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The July 11th edition of Aviation Finance is published
In the latest issue: The importance of aircraft trading in contributing to the health of the aircraft leasing industry isunderscored in several articles in this issue, for example FLY’s leasing’s sale this week of a portfolio of aircraft at a premium to book value, and latest results from other exchange-traded lessors which confirm the importance of residual values to an aircraft industry which engages with a complex buy-sell series of markets from the placing of orders for new aircraft through a lengthy life cycle of more than two decades. This process, and story, will be at the heart of our annual conference on October 15th next; Also, in this issue: India aspires to be a new aviation financing hub, says its newly elected Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman; AerCap, Avolon, ALC deliver Q2 business activity reports; Falko raises $650m fund, spends $100m on 19 planes; A220 progress.

The June 27th edition of Aviation Finance is published
In the latest issue: Two new ABS issues amounting to over $1 billion; and a GECAS sale & leaseback with David Neeleman's new Moxy airline; Insurance trends are under the spotlight too, as we look at the findings of a new report by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty; Still no clarity on how soon Boeing will resolve 737 MAX issues as FAA identifies need for a further fix; The Paris Air Show - one of the quietest for a number of years: IAG's LoI for 200 737MAXs and the launch of the Airbus’s A321XLR were notable.



Milestone pivots - new CEO and GECAS trading chief Greg Conlon on how it can be transformed

Greg Conlon's mission to put the rotorcraft industry business model right

Peter Chang on relationships between OEMs and lessors
IBA's Stuart Hatcher on values and lease rates
Willis LF's Brian Hole: 'Time to Uberize spare engines'
Marsh's Bob Morin on AFIC's first year
ELFC's Jon Sharp on the engine leasing market


The June 13th edition of Aviation Finance is published
In the latest issue: What's behind the pause in airline profitability in 2019; Expectations for the Paris Air Show - they may not be high, but..; Ruth Kelly: Goshawk's serial issuance plan; The evolution of Ryanair as a multi-airline player; Arrival of a new manufacturer in place of Bombardier; Good results from SMBC Aviation Capital; Strong activity on the ABS and lessor funding front

The May 30th edition of Aviation Finance is published
In the latest issue: Airline valuation malaise presents M&A opportunities; Perspectives: Aviation needs carrier, lessor leadership for a positive future; Talks on Boeing 737 MAX return to service progress, albeit slowly; ALC raises $1.05bn through two note issues; The foremost deals of the year Deals of the Year 2019 in Irish aviation finance recognised in the Finance Dublin Deals of the Year Awards 2019; Ryanair will take profit pain to pressure competitors; India’s airlines optimistic despite hitting turbulence; Avianca Brazil grounded by regulator; Chile blocks LATAM JVs.

The May 16th edition of Aviation Finance is published
$554m JOL securitisation breaks new ground in ABS market; ALC conference call: fleet growth propels ALC profits, up 24 p.c. in Q1, matched by similar growth in credit line; Goshawk comes to ABS market with $529m first time issuance; PE investors seek value opportunities in airlines; Analysis: Green issues come to the fore for aviation; KBRA takes a positive view on the immediate outlook for the global airline industry and identifies potential clouds on the horizon.


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The May 2nd edition of Aviation Finance is published
In the latest issue:The ongoing MAX crisis - we identify more consequences; We also look at the Q1 results from lessors AerCap and Avolon, the upgrading of CDB Aviation to investment grade by three agencies, innovation in the Schuldschein market and the growth trajectory of lessor Aergo Capital, as it marks twenty years in business, in our interview with Fred Browne.

The April 18th edition of Aviation Finance
In the latest issue: Capital markets look favourably on major aircraft lessors as 3 major aircraft lessors successfully tapping unsecured bond markets; Castlelake launches biggest ABS so far this year; Lufthansa - a cautionary note for European sector; Aircraft Supply Analysis: MAX represents maximum challenge for Boeing; Interview SMBCAC's Barry Flannery; Aircraft Leasing Markets: Credit factors are to the fore as fleet managers respond.

The April 4th edition of Aviation Finance
In the latest issue: Analysis: Calculating this mix of asset, lessee and jurisdictional factors when pricing a lease is a skill set that determines the winners and losers in the leasing community. Getting that mix right is the key priority for managers and risk analysts alike. GECAS launches new ABS in its long series; MAX implications - lease prices, EETCs; AerCap prices $1.0 bn senior notes in strong market; DAE ups revolver to $600m; China signals orders for 300 Airbus, mirroring its 2017 Boeing order; CDB Aviation places A330-200s with Wamos; Frankfurt airport 'at limit of growth’.



The March 21st edition of Aviation Finance
In the March 21st edition: The implications of the Boeing MAX8 tragedy and what can and must be done; In the meantime, trends across the aviation finance universe show that life goes on, even as participants reflect on the crisis that has beset Boeing’s new aircraft programme. Avolon’s inaugural term-loan facility, launched at $300 million was increased to $500 million; Orix Aviation has revealed big plans for its own fleet growth to 320 aircraft by 2021; and Boeing and Airbus have received confirmed orders from Lufthansa Group for 20 787-9 Dreamliners and from Taiwanese start-up StarLux for 17 Airbus A350 XWBs.

The March 7th edition of Aviation Finance
In the March 7th issue: The latest results from leasing companies, and the totality of indicators reported in this and recent issues of Aviation Finance continue to point to a buoyant outlook for aircraft and aircraft financing in the medium term, and several articles, not least the move by MUFG to acquire the banking assets of DZ Bank in the aircraft space is indicative of both the particular health of the commercial aircraft sector and the new models of financing that we in this publication always seek to profile.

The February 21st edition of Aviation Finance
In the February 21st issue: Buoyant results from manufacturers, and record stock prices with Boeing at over $400 this month, positive results from lessors, successful business being written by AFIC, as Bob Morin reports in our Perspectives column, and evidence of balanced passenger growth from all regions of the world; Our features, on the start of the ABS year, and the ending of an iconic production line in the form of the A380.

In the February 7th edition of Aviation Finance
In the February 7th edition: New Leasing IFRs in place since Jan 1st and their relevance to the impairment issue and hedge accounting; ABS prospects for 2019 - $26bn issued and more to go; Freight - IATA data not good; A380: Emirates next move could be decisive; Blockchain to revolutionise novation in lease documentation; A tough week in the European LCC space, and much more in the latest issue of Aviation Finance.

IBA's Phil Seymour: kicking the impairment can down the road
In the January 24th 2019 issue of Aviation Finance: Phil Seymour, the CEO and President of IBA in an exclusive interview expresses his concerns that delays in new aircraft deliveries and low oil prices have allowed airlines and lessors kick the impairment can down the road.

Exclusive interview with the CEO of CDB Aviation Leasing, Peter Chang
January 10th 2019: in the first issue of Aviation Financein 2019:Exclusive interview with the CEO of CDB Aviation Leasing, Peter Chang; Boeing and Airbus hit their 2018 delivery targets; Joe Gill uses a 'Wall of Worry' analysis to assess market prospects for aircraft leasing stocks; KKR to invest $1 billion in Altavair AirFinance as part of a long-term partnership to create a global portfolio of leased commercial aircraft; Falko's Avolon deal, which, ‘puts us squarely in the upper echelons of the regional aircraft market’.